Our Team


Lee Dunn

Spiritual Medium and Paranormal Investigator

Lee is a former school teacher, a Senior Fellow of the University of Glasgow and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is our team medium. His academic background and experiences with the paranormal help him present a balanced perspective on parapsychology and spiritualism. He describes himself as a sceptical medium. Lee has carried out paranormal investigations across the UK, Australia, Bulgaria and Romania. His favourite locations are Culross Palace, Fife and the Bundoora Homestead, Melbourne. His biggest fear is spiders. Lee is currently studying Past Life Regression.

linda w.png

Linda Whiteford

Spiritual Medium and Paranormal Investigator

Linda was born in Upper Largo in the East Neuk of Fife, a place steeped in ancient history and folklore. She's had a life long interest in the supernatural and as a child, on visits to her Grandparents, used to love walking around the historic lanes and buildings of St Andrews, by herself, hoping to see or hear some of the many spirits. After many years in Local Radio, Tourism Public Relations and raising a family, she feels very fortunate to work as Assistant Manager at the 16th Century Culross Palace, where the spirits are like work colleagues. Her biggest fear is a venue without a toilet or toilet paper!


Helen Lennox

Spiritual Medium and Paranormal Investigator

Helen is our technical wizard. She keeps us right when the rest of us forget things. As a carer and trained first aider, we can count on her if things really do go bump in the night. Her biggest fear is being alone in the dark and channelling a nasty spirit when no one notices. Her favourite location is Culross Palace.


Lynda Wood

Spiritual Medium and Paranormal Investigator

Lynda was born in Perth but grew up in other parts of the U.K. And Germany. Her father was in the forces and it was through living in haunted quarters in Germany where her interest in the Paranormal started. She loves visiting old houses and churches and trying to imagine how they must have lived and what the people were like who have passed through them. Her favourite location is Culross Palace day and night. Her biggest fear is a location with no working toilet.


Caroline Wyse

Reiki Healer and Paranormal Investigator

Caroline is an honorary member of our team. She is sensitive to spirit and is a Reiki Healer.