Our Equipment

We use a variety of paranormal research equipment. Guests are able to use some fo the equipment first hand. Likewise, if you have your own resources you are welcome to bring them along to an investigation. Please note that we do not accept liability for losses or damages.


This is an example of the equipment that we own and use. Please note that it is not exhaustive.


  • Baofeng BF-888S UHF 400-470MHz CTCSS/DCS With Earpiece Handheld Radio Tranceiver Walkie Talkies

  • Multiple Canon Handheld Camcorders

  • Sony Infrared Nightshot Camcorder

  • Canon Legria HF G25 (HF-G25) Digital Video Camera with 10x Zoom Lens and AVCHD Recording

  • Portabrace (CS-DV2R) Mini-DV Camera Case

  • Sachtler ACE MS System and Fluid Head

  • K4000 Bi-Colour LED Studio Lighting Kit

  • Hamas Stability Camera Tripod

  • Multiple Sound Boom Microphones

  • Sony Boundary and Wireless Audio Recording System

  • Multiple Sony ICD-P28 EVP Digital Sound Recorders

  • Electromagnetic Field REM POD

  • Digital Thermo Meter - baseline testing and monitoring

  • Gauss EMF AC Magnetic Field Sensor

  • Echovox Ghost Box System - Electronic-Voice Phenomenon

  • Ghostbox p.89 

  • Full Spectrum Canon DSLR Still Camera

  • Multiple Deluxe K2 EMF Electromagnetic Frequency Meter Readers

  • Ghost Box Ovilus Readers

  • LED Torches

  • Thermister (Temperature) Sensing Laser

  • Microsoft Surface Touchscreen Tablet Computer

  • Dell Precision Quad Core Laptop Computer 16GB RAM 2TB HDD

  • Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

  • Real Time Recording Software

  • Serif Movie and Audio Editing and Analysis Software

  • Wacom A4 Intuos Digital Pen Tablet

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Dowsing Rods

  • Pendulums

  • Ambient Noise Reduction Headphones - Better by Dynamics

  • Magnetic Directional Compasses

  • Laser Detection Grid and Control Objects

  • Range of spiritual equipment e.g. spirit boards, glasses and tables (always protected by our medium)


Development and continuous improvement of our equipment and resources is expensive and time consuming. As we are a non-profit organisation, we welcome equipment donations. If you can provide us with any resources please get in touch.