There are many reasons why people don't embrace their spirituality. It can feel a bit taboo at times.
It may be for religious reasons, or because they're sceptical. They might be worried about what other people will think or say. Perhaps they're afraid to open to spirit or they may have had experiences that they can't easily explain. We are often negative or indifferent to the things that we don't understand.
I get all of this. It's a deeply personal thing and our beliefs define who we are. 
If you want to take the next step and develop your spiritual awareness in a safe, nurturing environment, then you're in the right place. I speak and write about life and being human and figuring things out - with honest examples from my own life and the things I learn along the way.

I now have a separate website detailing my work as a medium. To make a booking or to redeem a voucher, please contact me directly. Details and information can be found at 



Services are offered by appointment only. I take my work seriously but mediumship services are provided as entertainment only. My guidance and advice does not replace that which can be sought from a health or financial professional. You are welcome to record the reading and our conversation is in confidence - though I do have a duty of care. Over 18s only, though I will consider reading someone younger if they are accompanied by an adult. Refunds are given only under exceptional circumstances so please make sure you want my services before booking. If you need to rearrange your appointment, please contact me directly. Readings are conducted in your own home. I cannot guarantee a spiritual connection. Please note that I normally only work across Clackmannanshire and some parts of Stirling Town. I reserve the right to work for free and to donate any charges to a charity of my choosing. Fees and expenses may apply to my services and where this is the case, they will be payable in advance, for my protection and for yours. I reserve the right to refuse to read someone if I feel that I cannot proceed for any reason. Where this is the case, the fee will be returned. By completing the booking, you have agreed to these terms and conditions.