Event Tickets

Note: we only promote charity and public events via Ticketsource. Private investigations are not open to the public. We are not an events company and therefore we do not facilitate events every month of the year. 

What should you expect?


Typically, each investigation includes*:


  • A walk-around with our own spiritualist medium (sometimes we have guest mediums too!);

  • Mediumship throughout the investigation;

  • A range of spiritual experiments – spirit board – human pendulum – glass work – seance – table tipping;

  • A range of scientific experiments – access to research equipment and resources e.g. REM POD, EVP, CAMERA, OVILUS, RF etc;

  • Lone vigils and paired work.


You can come along as a group or by yourself. Don’t worry if you’re coming alone, let us know in advance and we’ll look after you. One of our team members will meet you at the venue and each investigation begins and ends with a briefing.


You’ll need to bring a snack. Wear sensible clothing and footwear and remember to bring a torch!


We operate ethically; in respect of the location and in peace with spirit. We are insured and work with spiritual protection. Please note that all participants must be aged 18+. Sorry, if you’re pregnant you can’t attend – we take health and safety seriously. Other terms and conditions apply – please make sure you’ve read them before you purchase a ticket.


We use TicketSource as our chosen platform for ticketing. This page lists all our upcoming public events and provides a direct link to the payment section.


The money that we make per investigation covers the venue hire and team expenses. Please note that a small booking fee applies.

*Equipment and experiments vary by location. Guests are welcome to bring their own equipment but we accept no liability for loss or damage.