Help! Suspected Activity

If you feel that you're experiencing paranormal activity in your home or place of work, it's important that you seek help from a reputable team. The 3am Club is here to help you. Our services are FREE and you should not pay anyone for this type of service.

First, it's essential that you understand that 90% of suspected hauntings and paranormal activity have logical explanations. Any genuine activity is normally benign - it is very rare to experience poltergeist or malicious activity. Before you contact us (or another team) for advice, we recommend that you follow this guide. 

1) Buy yourself a notebook and maintain a journal or diary. This is important as it helps us to ascertain any patterns. You should consider the following questions and write down answers to them.

2) What activity are you/others experiencing? What makes you think it is paranormal?

3) Where are you experiencing the activity? Your home or place of work? Is it isolated to one specific area?

4) Did the activity start suddenly (if so - when?) or has it gradually worsened? 

5) Who is affected? Who is experiencing activity?

6) Have you taken steps to rule out logic? 

7) Have you changed anything in the house? 

8) Have you introduced anything new to the house (that is old e.g. jewellery or second-hand furniture?

9) When is the activity? In your diary, record any experiences and note the date and time.

10) Try to find out something about the location - the building's history or was there something built on the land previously? 

11) Are there any animals in the building and have they been acting strange?

12) Are there any children under the age of 16 in the house and are they aware of suspected activity? Are they frightened by their experiences? 

13) Are you curious about suspected activity or do you feel a sense of threat?

14) Have you been able to capture any 'evidence' of suspected activity? Or are these personal experiences? Haas more than one person experienced the same activity?

15) Record anything else in your journal that you feel may be relevant and appropriate. 

We suggest that you complete the journal over a (minimum) two week period as in many instances, activity can start and then end over the period of a few weeks and it may never happen again. Once you have done this, and you feel that more action / investigation is required, please contact us.