Our History

The 3am Club is a paranormal investigation team based in Central Scotland. We established as a new group in June 2014 but our core team of investigators are all experienced, having merged from other groups around the country. We decided to do this as we did not like the commercialisation of paranormal investigation for profit or gain. 


We employ a scientific and evidenced based approach to investigation and we are all interested in history, folklore and parapsychology. Some of us are interested in psychical research.


Our work is enhanced on location with input from our own medium and we also make use of spiritual experiments as we try to present a balanced view between unexplained activity and those with a logicial explanation.


Most of our work is focused on private investigations in places of work or in homes. We ‘hire’ out our services for free to charities and organisations which support historic restoration, but we also facilitate club and public events of our own for a small ticket fee. Any funds are used to cover the cost of venue hire. We do not make profit from our work and our team covers all expenses.


We have some really exciting venues for you to explore – these are open to the public and you can book either as an individual (don’t worry about coming by yourself – we’ll look after you!) or as a group. Investigations are open to believers and sceptics alike – we don’t differentiate! When working, we use a range of equipment and experiments. Nothing is set up in advance – what you see is what you get. We can’t guarantee paranormal activity, but we do try to asure that you’ll have a great time!


We operate within our own professional code of conduct – terms and conditions – and we have full public liability insurance.